Saturday, August 05, 2006

I Pledge

The current US pledge of allegiance has been fraught with controversy for quite some time. I first got ticked off at it when Eisenhower decided that God had something to do with it. I have always refused to include that "under God" part as being anti-American. The Founding Fathers may very well have been Christian, but so freakin' what? Actually, there was at least one Jew and a few animists, pantheists, and probably at least one closet Atheist. This was, remember, the beginning of the Enlightenment, where slavish adherence to religious tenants was being questioned all over Europe.

The other big bruhaha is in regard to what the heck we're pledging to: The Flag. Hmm. Sure, it goes on with that part about the Republic for which it stands, but still, I question if good Christians are breaking some commandment or other by worshipping an idol. Strictly speaking (and, boy! do these folks like those strict interpretations), the flag is a symbol and a symbol is an idol.

Okay, all of that aside, I decided I don't care for the Pledge the way it stands. Too controversial, in my opinion. My alternative pledge follows. I think it cuts to the chase and specifies what we should really be pledging our lives and sacred honor to: laws that promise freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and all that other stuff laid out in the Constitution and its Amendments.

I pledge allegiance to my country and the Constitution from which it was formed--one nation, under rule of law, with liberty and justice for all.

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