Saturday, January 05, 2008

Grand Openings and Other Stuff

My son's gallery (canvas) grand opening was a great success, if you look at number of folks who showed up. I didn't count, but I'd say that easily 200 people came through the gallery. The restaurant providing snacks and selling drinks certainly did very well. I think they made about $25 off my husband and me alone. If you're a Seattlite, then get over to 619 Western and browse the art.

Last year, Weirdly the anthology came out in both ebook and print format. You might recall I had four stories in the book. The editor, M. E. Ellis, thought it was successful enough to give it another go. Thanks to M.E., I've got another story out in the world for Volume 2. My story, "The Vision," will be included in Weirdly 2, due to come out in June, 2008.

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