Wednesday, May 07, 2008

April Isn't the Cruelest Month

Well, not in terms of my book sales. I had a nice pop up on Amazon sales for the Large Print Edition of "Tales of a Texas Boy." I don't know why, except I have a suspicion that a certain 'SarahJen', who bought a copy from me a couple of weeks ago, has coerced her friends and family into buying their own copies.

Now, I'll press the point that if you have any kind of connection of Texas or you liked "Huckleberry Finn," then I suspect you really would like "Tales."

Okay, I'm only comparing "Tales" to "Huckleberry Finn" in that it's a first person narrative of a pre-teen boy, written in a Southern dialect. I obviously don't have the themes and great writing of Mark Twain, but if you liked Huck, you'd probably like little Eddie, too.

Buy at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or directly from me.

If you don't have those links by now, then I guess you never will.

Have a great May!

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