Monday, July 07, 2008

Weirdly - Vol 2: First Review Out

Weirdly is an anthology of speculative fiction by a motley crew of writers. It tends to the spooky, weird (hence the title), and somewhat icky.

Read the complete text at Cocktail Reviews.


What a great selection of weird and wonderful tales. Weirdly Volume 2: Eldritch is perfect for readers who like a bit of strange. The authors have explored many aspects of our world that could be possible—just that society tells us that it isn’t so. Who really knows if vampires don’t exist? Who can really prove that ghosts and parallel lives aren’t there right under our noses?

I prefer to keep an open mind, and on more than one occasion while reading I believed that there is more to this world where we live…we just don’t see it—or have lost the ability to perceive such things for ourselves.


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