Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Am I Even Thinking About This?

NANOWRIMO: Write 50K in one month. This is an enforced exercise on writing. Don't dwell, don't think, don't edit. Just write like a sumbitch to get to 50K words. I got 50K in 2006, but only 35K in 2007. I've got an outline going with lots of fun stuff. Enough for the magic 50K? No clue as yet. I think I'll do this just to get a jump start on the next segment of the adventures of Katya, the arctic witch. I'm querying the first two books as a single volume. It could be two short books or one long one. I'm going with the double-book just because I've not got good response on the first (which was last year's Nano). The agents are congenital idiots, of course. Just kidding, dear agents.

This series is funny, full of accurate real world info, full of funny stuff, full of great cultural references. What can I say? Agents look at a query and say "no" before they have a clue about the book. So, I will forge ahead. I will find a publisher for the wonderful world of Katya. The third part will get a head start during November.

Here's the basics so far:

Katya decides to go to Stonehenge for her winter abroad. Yeah, witches from the arctic island of Galdorheim take winter instead of summer. They can't get off the damned island unless they do. The teen witch heads for Stonehenge via Scotland and gets hung up in the Highlands with a variety of Scottish legendary characters. I'd say more, but I've not worked out all the details yet.

The first two books are "Bad Spelling" and "Midnight Oil." The series is titled "The Witches of Galdorheim."

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