Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bram Stoker Award Preliminary Ballot

The preliminary ballot has been released for the prestigious Bram Stoker Awards for horror writing. Ellen Datlow posted the complete list of works receiving enough recommendations for the preliminary ballot. I saw it on her LiveJournal posting.

I'm not (usually) a horror writer, so I'm not too disappointed my name isn't on it. However, my publisher, Sam's Dot Publishing, has several works. I'm proud of my little ol' publisher getting so many mentions. Hopefully, many of them will make the final ballot, then on to a win.

Superior Achievement in a Collection:
Little Creatures by Michael McCarty (Sam's Dot Publishing)

Superior Achievement in a Poetry Collection:
The Phantom World by Gary William Crawford (Sam's Dot Publishing)
Virgin of the Apocalypse by Corrine De Winter (Sam's Dot Publishing)

Congratulations to the SDP writers for making it to the prelims!

Just a reminder: SDP published my books, First Duty and The Seven Adventures of Cadida, both available at The Genre Mall.

* Thanks to Ellen Datlow for stopping by to correct my errors on this post.


  1. Hi just so you know (and hopefully correct your post, these are not nominees. These are items received enough recommendations to make the preliminary ballot. They're not considered nominees unless they make the final ballot.

    The final ballot will be voted on by the active membership beginning February 1st.

  2. Marva! A spammer stole all my contacts a while ago, and because I didn't respond to your last email, your address didn't get saved. Could you email me about W3?

    Thank you!


  3. Congrats, Marva, on having your books in such nice company.

    DLKeur, The Deepening