Friday, May 01, 2009

Did a book ever really bug you?

I was getting ready for bed and my nightly reading session. The book I'm reading is from the library, so it's a hardback. It also happens to be 900 pages long. Don't know if that has anything to do with it, but when I picked up the book I saw a couple of ants crawling across the page ends. Then, I noticed that there were ants crawling across my bookshelf-style headboard.
I looked closely at the bottom of the book and noticed a slightly lump in the pages and an ant crawling out.
I took the book into the kitchen where we keep the ant spray (unscented) and after squashing a as many of the ants as I could see, I gave the book a light spray between the book's cover and the wrap-around outer cover.
I opened the the book to the page with the lumpy part and found a chunk of something white and hard. Glue? Don't know, but I pried it off, and resprayed the book. Lightly, mind you. I'm not one for destroying books.
This is definitely a very weird experience considering a story I wrote recently having to do with ants invading a home. Not just your average annoying ants, but ants bent on revenge (at least in the addled mind of the main character).
I'm returning the book to the library without finishing it. I'll get a copy later in paperback. I'll also examine the book closely before purchasing. Oh, the book? Anathem by Neal Stephenson (see the post below).

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  1. Oh, wow. I was just about to email you and tell you my home has been INVADED with ants. On three different fronts. Two in the kitchen. One in the bathroom. They seem to be multiplying every time I leave the room and come back.

    It reminded me of your story. So, I sign on to email you about it, but decide to pop into your blog (I usually go to Tales blog first) and find this. Uncanny.

    Creepy little buggars, aren't they?