Monday, June 01, 2009

First Duty Review

By T. Wilson "g33k" (San Diego, CA USA) - Review on

This book is a great example of why I like the Kindle. I grabbed the free iPhone app, and I've been enjoying the under $5 books here in the Kindle store. Overall, I liked this book. The story was good, if a little derivative (miner girl leaves poor home to join the military, eventually joining the rebellion to fight the evil empire), but it still had its own unique flair. I especially like her treatment of the "bad guy", giving us a hint right from the beginning that not all is as it seemed. Marva's prose doesn't really flow yet, but I'm sure that will improve with time. Also, the protagonist takes on more than she'd be allowed to in a real military setting, but suspending that particular point of disbelief, I really enjoyed the story. I'm hoping this book is the first part of a series. If it is, I'll definitely be getting the rest.

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