Sunday, December 13, 2009

Audible Dot Com

Books on the Knob got my attention by announcing a free audio version of Larry Niven's Ringworld. Loved the book. Who didn't?

Anyway, that got me signed up with I downloaded the freebie from Niven and hope to listen soon. I figured it was a good thing to do while playing my Super Solitaire games.

You can download and install "devices" in a variety of formats. I installed the Audible reader to my PC. There was a big list of the audio devices you can use to listen to books. That's cool, but I don't have those expensive little thingies you carry around to entertain yourself. Hell, I have to pay attention to my walking and driving. Distractions are not a good idea.

However, you of the younger generations who BELIEVE you can walk and chew gum at the same time (you're wrong), can pick up some good literature to listen to rather than having Lady Gaga screaming in your ears.


  1. And they's be great for those of us that use the bus. :-)

  2. I love to listen to books during my commute to and from work as well, but I learned a harsh lesson about buying books narrated by the authors. Most of them suck and it takes so much away from what would have been, I'm sure, a much more enjoyable experience. Barbara Kingsolver, for example, should be shot for narrating her own work. I'm not sure who ultimately made that decision versus the hundreds of insanely talented book reader/actors out there. I can't believe it was a financial decision. Nonetheless, audible gives you the option to listen to a little of it ( like itunes) before you buy or you can read other listener reviews.