Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Review: The Twain Shall Meet

Since I got my Kindle, I'm working through the 50+ books I already have queued up. This is gonna take awhile! Nevertheless, j's book is one of the first I've finished (many are in various stages of reading). I'll post my reviews as I finish the books. Note that I will only be reviewing books by independent authors in this blog. Those other people don't need my help, nor will they give a rat's heinie whether I review or not.

The Twain Shall Meet
j guevara

I recommend j guevara's novelization of Mark Twain's return to the world of the living as he's carried to earth riding Halley's Comet.

Set in 1986 Key West, I'll take j's word for the Key scene (never been there).

His interpretation of what Samuel Clemen's would be like if he did return to the world was spot on. I'm a Mark Twain fan and have read most (all?) of his books.

Using direct quotes from Twain and well-interpreted extrapolations on what Twain might say if he came back, j created an entertaining and interesting 'what if'.

j has an easy, very readable style. His narrator, Reid, is a "t-shirt" salesman (note: drug dealer) who becomes a Twain fan through direct association with the great American author over a month while Reid introduces Twain to such modern concepts as strip clubs, Disney World, modern politics and events.

Well done!

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