Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Christmas in June

Giving out free ebooks is a popular means of engendering notice. If somebody gets a freebie, they'll read it and write a review, right? I'm not so sure that the postulate is true. Sometimes, the author just gives away a free book and the recipient is never heard from again.

Nevertheless, Let me give it a shot. Comment here (on my blog) or on Facebook or the other places my blog shows up and I'll do some sort of magical selection process and give away a book or two.

I'll offer up the ebook flavor of your choice on any of my three ebooks. Whatever way you have to read ebooks, I'll provide it.

So, post away and let me know which book you have a yen to read for free. I'll have my cat, Dusty, place his paw upon the winning entries as my method of random selection.

Tales of a Texas Boy: Little Eddie tells some almost true Tall Tales set in West Texas of the 1930s. Guess what's true and what Eddie fudged on. Was it about the bear? Cage McNatt's prize sow? The skunk in the cornpatch? Guaranteed for a chuckle.

Quest for the Simurgh: When the village magician goes missing, his students set out on a dangerous trip into the mountains and run into a big trouble from demons and gods set for a war to end the world.

Eagle Quest: Take four teens, an old Ranger, and a couple of eagle feather poachers. What have you got? Adventure! Set in the Klamath Wildlife Preserves of southern Oregon.


  1. I don't even have a Kindle, but since I bought the book, I'll be glad to provide a review.

    Tales transported me back to a simpler time and dropped me in the midst of a family with a penchant for unintended consequences, all of which they handled with hilarity, down home wisdom, and love. A great read.

  2. Thanks, TC! Nice mini-review!

    Just a note that you can get PC based readers that take the same ebook formats as Kindle, Nook, Sony, etc.

    The backlit screen of the PC is hard on the old eyeballs, though. That's why I got a Kindle. All these great books to read, but a pain to read on PC.

  3. Once I catch up-if ever--on my paperbacks, I think a Kindle is in my future, too. I can't read a whole novel for enjoyment on my laptop. Now, critiquing and such I can do, and write of course, but not read for pleasure.
    Merry Christmas.

  4. Same with me, Lorrie. The backlit PC just kills my eyes.

    Of course, I now have over a hundred books on my Kindle so I'll NEVER catch up.

    I saw that a $200 color ereader is coming out from B&N. Hmm. Maybe I need a new ereader already.

  5. Thanks, Marva. I knew about them, but considering that I read for several hours each day doing online political research for my blog, the only time I have for recreational reading is on public transit.