Sunday, December 26, 2010

I Hope...

I hope Santa was good to you this season. And if not the old elf, then maybe somebody else near and dear.

I've ended my 99 cent sale, but there are two secret books (they must be secret since few have sold) that I'll continue with the 99 cent price point just to see what happens.

My best gift was having my granddaughters down to visit for almost five days. We played poker and monopoly. Didn't get to the movie, but got "How to Train Your Dragon" from Netflix. That was just as good and much cheaper.

Jack got me new headphones for my computer. I wanted a very lightweight set without the microphone part. I just think I might inadvertently blurt something out when I didn't want to. The mic is safely tucked away out of earshot. He also bought a toaster for us "from Santa." Big whoop, you might think, but a 4-slot brushed aluminum with a bagel setting is fantastic. Our needs are few and simple.

Happy holidays to you all.

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