Saturday, January 01, 2011


Sorry you spent good money to see Twilight in a movie theater? Wished that you'd held out for the DVD from Netflix? Or even wished that Stephanie M. would have bit the dust before she typed THE END?

Get your revenge by renting "Vampires Suck."

I rented Twlight from Netflix, so I'm happy to say I didn't waste much money to check it out. At the end, I'm thinking, "So this shiny vampire fella who's several hundred years old can only fall for this colorless, dull chick? Just because she smells good? Gimme a break!"

The good part of my wasting a rental on Twilight is that I had a lot more fun watching Vampires Suck because I got the throwaway references better than my husband, who adamantly refused to watch Twilight when I rented it. But he knew enough from the endless publicity to get a lot of it.

BIG SPOILER: Vampires Suck nails the vampidity (yes, that's a deliberate typo) of Twilight. The leads are both very talented kids who manage to project the Bella and Edward characters very well, they're also hilarious doing it. Oh, yeah. They didn't want to chance never making Vampires Suck II, so they threw in Jacob just so they can have a scene with pubescent teen girls going at each other with pitchforks and axes with either Team Edward or Team Jacob on their t-shirts.

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