Sunday, December 01, 2013

My Best Seller

Okay, it's my only seller too. Yeah, a few ebooks appear on sales lists on occasion, but one single book consistently sells more than any others. Notice I have quite a few books available and some of them are pretty good. I'll chalk up the lack of sales to 1) my lackadaisical marketing and 2) none of them are erotica.

So, here's my best seller: Tales of a Texas Boy, Large Print Edition. ($7.64 on Amazon)

It seems to be a popular gift book around the holidays. I managed to accidentally put a few key words in the title. To whit, Texas, Boy, Large Print. When folks are shopping for a gift for Aunt Minnie or Uncle George, they're looking for something clean (the only sex in the book is by innuendo and mostly to do with equines), with a rural or western setting, and with BIG print. Tales of a Texas Boy qualifies nicely.

Cage McNatt's Prize Sow
The book is also almost always in the top 10 on Amazon in the Large Print/Short Stories and Poetry listing. I know people are searching for appropriate large print books. The print editions (there's also a standard font size version) are illustrated with old photos. Some are from my own family albums, others I located at the University of Texas history archives.

So, go get a good deal on a book I guarantee will entertain the older folks in your family who have difficulty with tiny print, and do not want to read about fifty shades of anything.

Twins don't always get along.
TALES OF A TEXAS BOY: Clean, funny, large print. You can't go wrong. Oh, yeah, it's also continuously discounted at Amazon (the other on-line stores carrying the book appear not to care whether books can be gently hyped with discounts. So, good on Amazon too. I'm glad they'll also be carrying this book in audio format (at and listed on the Amazon product pages) sometime soon.

There's even a story about football.
One last thing: Buy Tales of a Texas Boy for Aunt Minnie and you can get the ebook for yourself free at Amazon on the Matchbook deal.

Large Print at Amazon: $7.64
Standard Print: $6.29
Kindle Ebook: $2.99 or Free with purchase of either print edition.


  1. Can you imagine my books in a large print edition? Better that Aunt Minnie or Uncle George invest in a Kindle, where you can make the print as large as you want! That's assuming that Aunt Minnie and Uncle George like SF and are attracted by tales about giant termites! LOL

  2. Lorinda, I'm surprised at you advocating the devilish ebook readers!

    As for large print editions of your books...I don't think they could be contained within a cover.