Wednesday, August 06, 2014

New(ish) Covers for Old Books

A couple of books published eons ago needed a bit of freshening up. I also thought it was a good idea to put the title of those books as published after the release just so people would know that if they're thinking of buying "Tales of Abu Nuwas," but they already had a copy of "Setara's Genie." Same plot, characters, etc. I don't want people to get upset if they believe they're two different books. The same is true of "Quest for the Simurgh." If you already bought "Faizah's Destiny," you don't want to get essentially the same book. Here are the new covers. What do you think? Is having the title of the other book clarifying or confusing. Oh, and I will be dropping Setara and Faizah as individual books soon. I love those covers by Charlotte Volnek, but books are not the original versions.

Another advantage to re-issuing these books is that they are in the KDP Select program. Amazon Prime members can borrow them for free. People who sign up for the #KindleUnlimited program can take these books for their very own and not pay a penny.

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