Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Amazon Associate Book Links

I don't make any money being an Amazon Associate. I joined because it was a great way to get Amazon links for display. These are on my sidebars, but a lot of people don't see them because they read blog posts through readers like Feedly (the one I use) which put all the blogs I like to follow in one place. Very convenient, but I don't see the extra stuff on blogs.

All of these books are in the KU and KOLL programs. People who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited or are Prime members can read these books free. The advantage for me, the author, is that when people read them, the pages are counted and I get paid for page read. So, reminder to you folks getting the free reads. Be sure to flip through the books so the author (who otherwise earns nothing) get a little from the deal. Feel free to click through from these links.
*Note I placed the graphic below the links so this post will have a picture to go with it.

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