Sunday, April 01, 2018

More POD Transfers from CreateSpace to KDP

I tried out another couple of transfers of my one-off books, "First Duty" and "Eagle Quest." Both are YA friendly. The transfer went smoothly except for CreateSpace (CS) and KDP disagreeing about how large a font could be on the books' spines. Both books had passed nicely at CS, but the parent company, Amazon, did not agree. As a result, I had to re-do both books' covers. It wasn't too much of a hassle, but I did have to change what I had originally done to something a little less fancy.

So, here they are in their new (and cheaper) KDP versions.

FIRST DUTY - Buy at Amazon for only $5.99
A military officer must choose between her sworn duty or her rebellious blood ties. 

Facing a life of drudgery on a repressive factory planet, Nyra Hutchings longs to escape. Her only option for release is to enlist in the Space Service, becoming a soldier for her own world’s oppressors.

She receives her first assignment: Guarding a charismatic rebel leader being transported to a prison planet.  When rebel troops surprise them, Nyra fails to thwart the ambush. Despite a commendation from her Captain, she feels she must redeem herself by recapturing the handsome fugitive.

Shocked by what she learns during the pursuit–her own family’s past involvement in the rebellion–Remy faces a dilemma: remain loyal to the oath she swore as a soldier or join the rebel cause and condemn herself to a death sentence for treason. What is her FIRST DUTY?

EAGLE QUEST - Buy at Amazon for only $5.99
Four teens test their friendship and courage in the Bear Valley Wildlife Preserves of Southern Oregon.

Fiona, Hap, Billy, and Mitch make an odd set of friends, as different from the usual high school crowd as they are from each other. Mitch, the oldest of the four, is a half-breed Native American, adopted by white parents. Troubled that he doesn't know his tribe, he avidly studies Native American history and lore. Learning the nearby Bear Valley Wildlife Refuge is a bald eagle nesting site, he wants to add an eagle feather to his medicine bag and explore the refuge as a site for his Vision Quest, a Native American rite of passage. He and his three friends get far more than an overnight campout as they encounter a black bear, an old man living in the refuge, and a pair of eagle poachers. Bringing the poachers to justice, they test their courage and gain confidence in themselves and each other.

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