Thursday, August 30, 2018

New Paperback Through KDP

I'd never bothered creating a paperback for my kids' book "Lemons: And Other Kid Tales." It was too short. However, I thought I'd try out the new paperback creation system on Kindle Direct Publishing.

The ebook is 99 cents (free to KU and KOLL subscribers). I set the paperback price to $6.99 because I can't set it any lower and still make some pennies in royalties.

I don't expect anybody to buy it (it'll be available in a couple of days). It was an experiment with the new system starting a paperback from scratch. I already uploaded a couple of my other paperbacks to the KDP system, but they were already formatted and ready to go.

First off, the print book is 24 pages because that's the least pages you can make a paperback book. It would run 15 pages using the same format as the ebook. I had to add 9 pages. I did this by upping the point size of the font to 16pts, which made it eligible for Large Print. As a large print book, somebody might even buy it. It is a color pages book, which is why it's so expensive for its length. It's illustrated by photos I found free on the internet. It worked out pretty well since people like to post pictures of their dogs, cats, horses, mules, sheep, and an eagle. Yes, all those critters have a color photo in the book. Here's the cover. I kept it simple obviously. Oh, look, there's of the horse photos I borrowed from somebody. I did check if all photos were put out there for freeloaders. No copyrighted photos were used on purpose.

Lemons: Karen is horse crazy. One day, everything seems to go wrong.

One Fine Dog: Dogs weren't just pets, but working members of the family. Some, they could do amazing things and perform feats almost like magic.

Practical Cat: Boots wanted to explore outside, but finds out there's no place like home.

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