Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Still 99 Cents

Ahem. In all the COVID-19 fears and a 4th of July celebration which turned out to be the President calling to imprison or even kill those who oppose him, we all might find a bit of respite in light-hearted fantasy tales.

To help fill the doldrums with a little escapism, my favorite witch, Katrina, has decided to offer the entire set of the books following her adventures for 99 cents each. That's the Amazon price for all file until the end of July. The easiest way to put them in your shopping cart is to click to the series page. All are listed there. Here are some beautiful cover shots with blurbs created by the talented Dawn Keur. She is busying herself lately keeping her head down and playing her flute. She's written a fair share of very good books. Find her eclectic bibliography on her website or at Amazon. She writes under different names by genre.

Click here for The Witches of Galdorheim Books series Amazon page.
Click here for The Wtches of Galdorheim Book series Smashwords page.

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