Saturday, December 26, 2020

The End is Nigh

Books available in the Kindle Owner Lending Library until January 4, 2021. If you have a Kindle, take advantage of the free reads for the next couple of weeks. 

* * * INSTRUCTIONS * * *
To borrow a book, Open the Amazon Kindle Store on your eReader, Fire tablet or Fire Phone, and from the Settings menu select Lending Library.

You’ll be presented with a range of genres, so select the one that takes your fancy. Then scroll down the list presented and tap the book you’d like to borrow.

Two options will appear, the price if you wanted to buy the book and an option that says Borrow for Free. Select this option and the book will begin downloading to your device. Press Go to Library and the book you borrowed will appear in your library.
* * *

The Witches of Galdorheim Series

The Tales of Abu Nuwas
Adventure and Mystery

Science Fiction
First Duty  (note: this is a "clean" version of Ultimate Duty for kids)

Short Story Collections

Mixed Bag 2
A little science fiction, a bit of fantasy, plenty of humor, and some really shocking horror. 

Mixed Bag - The PG-rated collection. All stories are in Mixed Bag 2, but the naughty ones are omitted.

Lemons and Other Kid Tales
Lemons - Lemons: Karen is horse crazy. One day, everything seems to go wrong.
One Fine Dog -  Dogs weren't just pets, but working members of the family. Some, they could do amazing things and perform feats almost like magic.
Practical Cat - Boots wanted to explore outside, but finds out there's no place like home.

Fish Story: A Three Story Sampler
Fish Story - Colonists to a distant planet find salvation in a fish.
The Vision - Charlie can't get terrifying images out of his head.
Chilpequin 22 Miles - The bartender is big and hairy. Could it be? Nah, it couldn't. Could it?

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