Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Too Old

A young agent recently started blogging and I've been following him as closely as Miss Snark. He's practical, smart, and very open about discussing the ins and outs of publishing. I'll put his blog link to the left.

His most recent blog topic was about cross-over works. That is, books that could sit on either the Adults or the Juveniles shelves in the bookstore. He contends you need to decide on one or the other for queries. He also says you can mention cross-over possibilities in the query. I'll have to remember to do that as I write queries for my three ready-to-roll books. I've been putting in my most recent effort on Tales of a Texas Boy, a project that I'd really like to get into book form before my father - well, you know.

One responder to Nathan's blog said:
I don't like the whole crossover trend. Grown men and women shouldn't get excited because the new book about a boy wizard just hit shelves. I think a lot of the joy that comes from reading is about finding characters that you can relate to. When you hit a certain age you aren't supposed to be able to relate to the same things that a twelve year old can relate to.

I just had to respond with:
As for an adult not being able to enjoy 12-YO stuff, heaven forfend I ever get that old and stodgy.

After posting, I noticed I used the term 'heaven forfend'. Well, that just put me into the old and stodgy category. I also used the word 'smidgen' earlier in the same post. I doubt if anybody under 50 or so would have any idea what either of those terms mean.

This all by way of observing that the title of this post should be preceded by the word 'Never'.


  1. Heaven forfend? I'm not sure about that one, but I like "smidgen." I should make that my next interesting word.

  2. Don't worry Marva...you're not getting older, you're getting better. LOL!

  3. Old, you no nothing about old kiddo.. have a great day.

  4. Heaven forfend I should surrender even a smidgen of Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies even at my age!