Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Historical Fiction

I tend to avoid this genre since most of them are just thinly veiled romances. I think you can tell looking at the spine of the book. Is the title in a lovely cursive font? Romance. So, I scan the used bookstore shelves in the Historical section for books with nice blocky title fonts. I spotted one by a gentleman named Bernard Cornwell. Even better, the title was "Stonehenge." Now, that sounds more like it, methinks (I'm not sure of the Olde Englishe, so I'll leave it at that).

Since I've apparently been living in a cave, I was surprised to find that Cornwell has written a ton of historical novels. He has a few series, including "The Sharpe Series." Whoa Nellie! Who is that British hunk on the page there? Sean Bean. Silly name, I know, but he's one handsome fella. Why is this guy on the author's webpage? Apparently, Sharpe is a television series in England. Now, I KNOW there's another good reason to return to England.

Well, enough panting after actors. While I'm not yet giving a big thumbs up to Cornwell's writing (I've only read the cover notes), I think it worthwhile to check out this prolific author's website.

Bernard Cornwell's Official Website

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