Friday, February 02, 2007

Ready to Roll Out

When I made my living writing technical documentation, when the product was completed we'd say it was in roll out. I figure that's as good a term as any for a couple of my completed books I'm try to roll out to either agent or publisher. Here's my current product list:

"First Duty," is a 36,000 word YA science fiction novella. Nyra Hutchings escapes a dead-end life on a manufacturing planet by joining the Space Service. After enduring a near-fatal final exam, she graduates and becomes an officer. On her first assignment, she fails to stop the escape of a dangerous rebel leader and vows to regain her reputation by recapturing the escapee. She soon finds herself caught up in the rebellion, her faith in her beloved Space Service shaken by the revelation that her own great-grandmother was a rebel leader. She discovers that the bureaucratic Incorporated Planets is not the benevolent guardian of the known planets she believed it to be. Nyra must decide whether to remain loyal to the Space Service or join the rebellion. Two chapters from "First Duty" have been published as short stories.

"Eagle Quest," a 36,000 word YA novella, tells the story of four misfit junior high school friends who find adventure and danger when they go on an overnight campout to a wildlife refuge. One of the friends, a half-breed Native American boy, wants to experience a traditional Vision Quest and his friends go along to help. Encountering a crusty old codger with a gun, a black bear, and a pair of eagle poachers, the kids find new confidence in themselves as they bring the two poachers to justice. The book describes the real Klamath Wildlife refuges in Oregon and delves into Native American lore.

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  1. Wow, you've been busy with your writing. Good luck shopping these stories around. I look forward to seeing them in the bookstores!