Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Like a Broken Tooth

If you break a tooth or have a cavity, you can't resist poking at it with your tongue. If I have a previously published book and the contract has expired, I can't resist self-pubbing it. Reprints aren't so easy to sell to publishers. Yeah, some will do it. However, I worked hard at getting original material into the world and that was plenty hard to do. I did have some success. Even better success more recently with the publication of my SFR, Ultimate Duty, and the contract for a suspense/mystery and a MG fantasy trilogy. But what am I going to do this week? Self-pub, of course. That sore tooth just has to be poked.

As a Valentine gift to you all, you can get The Tales of Abu Nuwas free from Smashwords until 2/14/11.

Link at Smashwords
Coupon: BC34T for 100% off.
The Tales of Abu Nuwas

Abu Nuwas sits in the bazaar telling stories to the passersby he can tempt to pay. When Najda, a poor girl, offers him a packet of spice for a story, Abu Nuwas launches into a tale about a girl named Setara and her genie. As did Scheherazade, he leaves the girl hanging in the middle of each yarn to keep her coming back for more. While relating the fantastical accounts, Abu Nuwas learns more of the spice girl's life, then finds a way to save her from a forced marriage and find a better life.

The teller of tales relates the adventures of a girl and her genie as they encounter the creatures of legend and folklore: a lonely cave demon seeking a home; a flying, fire-breathing horse who has lost his mate; a dragon searching for his family; an evil genie hunting for the man who bottled him; and a merboy cast out of his undersea kingdom.

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