Sunday, February 27, 2011

March Madness Meets Spring Fling


For the month of March, I am celebrating the return of crocuses (croci?), daffodils, and struggling tulips by putting all of my ebooks on sale.

I've got multiple editions of some books. I keep thinking to remove the extras, but Amazon keeps the product page up and says "Not available." That's NOT a good message, so all editions remain available even though they are redundant.

To scan my entire list you can visit my Amazon Author Page.*

Or you can go to my Amazon Affiliate Store and buy from there (gets me a couple cents more that way).

Here are all the direct links to the 99 cents specials. As you can see, I previously believed I had to have a matching ebook for each print edition. Obviously, you don't need a large print ebook since the font is adjustable. Oh, well. Live and learn.

Eagle Quest: Kids adventure.

First Duty: YA SciFi

Mixed Bag (Note: Fish Story is sold separately, but is also the first story in this anthology): Stories in just about every genre except boring and erotica.

Quest for the Simurgh: Kids middle-eastern fantasy.
Quest for the Simurgh: Large Print Edition

Tales of a Texas Boy: Humorous nostalgia set in West Texas in the 30s.
Tales of a Texas Boy: Large Print Edition

The Tales of Abu Nuwas: Kids middle-eastern fantasy told a la 1001 Arabian Nights.

* Ultimate Duty (Adult Science Fiction) is not on sale because I don't control the price; the publisher does. I hope that you'll consider buying that book too.

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