Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Word or Two

I'd like to mention my new anthology, "Mixed Bag," once again with a little more info on what's in the book. I hope you'll enjoy my variety pack of stories.

First off, I need to stress that every single story in this little book was published somewhere. Most often in an on-line ezine, but also in print too. So these stories were approved by an editor or publisher as worthy of publication. It also means that most were edited by a professional editor for publication.

Leave a comment to receive a free ebook in your choice of formats. Remember, I'll have to be able to find you!

Here are the stories I've included:

Fish Story - Science Fiction: The colonists arrive at their new home planet on a one-way trip. They find the flora compatible and they can even grow crops from earth stock. However, not a single animal exists on the planet, and their own embryonic animals don't survive. When a boy discovers a big fish in the river, followed by a whole bunch more big fish, the colonists rejoice. But there's a hitch in their new-found treasure trove of protein.

The Vision - Parnormal: Charlie's job as a stage mind reader takes a strange turn when he gets his first, REAL vision, and it scares the daylights out of him. As the unwanted visions continue, he begins to believe he's going mad.

The Country Faire - Horror: The narrator volunteers to run a booth at the annual Country Faire, a huge counter-culture event. When she wakes in the middle of the night to use the porta-potty, she steps into a real nightmare.

If Your Could See Her - Romance: Big Mac believes he'll never find love. After all, who could love a hugely overweight, stay-at-home movie buff? Maybe the lady next door?

Cursed Valley - Fantasy: Lord Tain rules the valley by day in his natural centaur form. At night, he becomes a werewolf. The entire magical population is cursed with dual natures. One day a wizard arrives claiming he can solve the problem. Should Lord Tain listen to the man?

Big Bessie's Place - Humor: The joint's a jumpin' at Big Bessie's place. The customers are having a great time, but there's a line that Bessie's drawn on what's acceptable behavior. What happens when her own employees step over that line?

The Hunter - Horror: Stalking and killing prostitutes is the hunter's game. Easy to find and nobody cares if they die, he gets away with his murderous reign. One dark night, his prey is not so easy to take down.

A Visit to Potter's Field - Fantasy/Humor: Griselda would really like it if people would quit disturbing her grave. After all, an ancient gypsy deserves a few centuries of peace and quiet.

Extraordinary Rendition - Literary Realism: Ahmed minds his own business, that of running his small restaurant and dreaming of the time he has enough money to marry. But his peaceful life is threatened when he's mistaken for somebody else.

Jonathan Swift Finds Nemo - Alternate History: After completing his famous Gulliver's Travels, Mr. Swift is restless, wanting another idea for a new book. Walking down to the docks, he meets the exotic Captan De Nemours and the even stranger vessel named Nautilus.

A Grab Bag of Drabbles - Humor: A drabble is a short story complete in exactly 100 words. Some of these drabbles were published here and there, but I don't remember which ones. So, I threw them all in since I get a chuckle everytime I read them.

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