Monday, February 14, 2011

Guest Post by Lorrie Struiff

Hello folks,

I’m blackmailing Marva to post this on her site, and she has to take it whether she likes it or not. So there!

I want to thank Marva for being such a good friend, for the encouragement, and especially the help she has given me.

Now, you may ask, what help? Other than being a great crit partner, she realizes I am a complete computer klutz. Yep, that’s me. The klutziest of all klutzes.
(Marva: Not true! What Lorrie knows, she's got down pat. We can't know everything.)

She has helped me with many computer problems, helped me post on sites, and without her, my recently released short stories would never be out there.
(Marva: Aw, thanks.)

I think I nag the poor woman to distraction. Marva lives in Oregon and I live in Pennsylvania--thank goodness. If we lived next door to each other, I’m sure she would have smacked me upside the head a few times—and the smacks would be well deserved.
(Marva: LOL! Maybe a shaking, but never a smack!)

When I’m confused, don’t understand the geek language of dropping down this box, mark off this, shut off so and so, and it takes me five hours to figure out directions, or never figure out the directions, Marva is right in there saving my sanity and nerves. Of course, I don’t think I’m doing much for hers.
(Marva: Don't worry. I'm already wacko.)

So, other than Marva being a great writer—I’ve read all her releases and you should too—I do want to publicly thank her on her blog. Oh great guru, I bow to your knowledge. I wish I had it.
(Marva: I paid Lorrie to say that.)

So in appreciation, Marva, I am sending you by Fed-Ex a PROZAC LICK (like a deer lick) to hang near your computer so that when you start pulling your hair out over Super Klutz annoying you with endless questions, take a few licks.
(Marva: WOO HOO!)

Please don’t make me use that self-annihilation object you sent me by courier.
(Kidding, folks.)
(Marva: No she's not.)

Sincerely, Marva, I can’t thank you enough for being such a wonderful, gracious person as well as a great friend.
(Marva: Deviously setting you up for reading my WIP forty-nine times. Mwuhahaha!)

Now stop blushing. Take my thanks like the brave woman you are. No rebuttals permitted. Remember, I’m blackmailing you. You have to post this or else.
(Marva: Will do. But I retain the right to rebut.)

Listed below are three tales for you short story lovers out there. Yep, if it weren’t for you-know-who, they would still be in my computer.

All have been previously published in various anthologies.

(Marva: Folks, I've read all three and Lorrie's wit and skill shows up nicely. Great way to sample Lorrie's work.)

Blurb one—Paso Doble

Lisa needs to win the gold medal to garner prestige for her dance studio. She lures Eduardo, a sizzling hot Latino dancer visiting from Miami, to be her partner in the contest. Will Lisa’s plan work?

Adult rating.

Blurb two--Splat!

Winnie tries skydiving with her husband for their anniversary. Bad, bad idea! She learns about the halfway plateau, a busy place. Her accidental revenge is sweet. Come along for her humorous adventure.
G rating

Blurb three—A Bloody Valentine

A historical fiction short story about one of the bloodiest Valentine Days in American History.
G rating


  1. Hey Lorrie,
    A great piece...I know what u mean abt. computer klutziness, I'm like that, too and I drive my friend, Janet Jones nuts with the things I can't u said, it's a good thing she's in Texas and I'm in Oklahoma, she'd likely wring my neck. I might take a clue from u and send her a Prozac lick, too....Hugs, Tabs

  2. Lorrie's easier to deal with than my mother, so she shouldn't worry. If I haven't wrung mom's neck, then Lorrie is safe.

    However, if I go on a killing rampage...about that prozac?

    Thanks for a fun commentary, Lorrie.

  3. Hey, Lorrie (and an "hola" to Marva as well),

    Looks like Marva could set up a cottage industry up there in Oregon. Funny two-way post and I have to say, the covers look great and the blurbs make a reader want to get their hands on these pronto. As someone who has read Gypsy Crystal and some of Lorrie's other shorts, I know what a great writer she is.

    Great collaboration you two. Way to go. Kudos to you both.

  4. Great blurbs Lorrie! Computer stuff can be daunting, but it's great to have friends like Marva to count on. Kudos to you both.

  5. It is so nice to have authors that take the time to help each other. From that help such a good friendship can grow. I'm glad you have Marva and she has you.

    Get books lorrie. I rather fancy Splat.

  6. Any praise for Marva gets a "Hear! Hear!" from me. She deserves it.

  7. Well, if Marva is anything like Lorrie, then Marva is a great friend. (Lorrie is to me like Marva is to Lorrie. An outstanding critter, a huge help in the, er, my virtual world-don't let her downplay her knowledge, and a fab friend.)

    Very humorous blog, a small taste of what Lorrie's humor is like. I already read "A Bloody Valentine" and "Splat" (one of my fav's) and not on this list-The C.O.D. Winnie stories. "Paso Doble" and "Wild Blackberries" are on my TBR list.

    Who do you have to know to get a Prozac Lick? I'm still waiting for MINE!!! haha

    Much success to both of you!