Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mixed Bag

As I recently mentioned to a friend, I think I have a compulsion to self-publish. Partly because I can't let my writing go to waste and partly because I'm impatient.

However, I've got a good excuse for this one. This book is a collection of my short stories that were published either on-line or in print. Now that they're reprints, I figured I might as well toss them all into one pot and put it out for anybody who might be interested.

Not all of my previously published stories are included. For example, a couple of my science fiction stories evolved into a couple of novels. Since those books are still for sale, then the stories from which they sprang are still under contract of sorts. Also, seven stories from Tales of a Texas Boy were published various places, but they're all in the book, so I didn't include them either.

The print book is in the works, but lightning fast Amazon and Barnes & Noble already have the ebooks for sale.

Mixed Bag on Kindle

Mixed Bag on B&N Epub

Smashwords has been a little snitty lately about approving my e-books for distribution. I'll probably put this book up on Smashwords with coupons for free copies. If SW can be snitty, so can I.

Those people with the secret decoder ring (my direct email address) can write me a note if you'd like a free ebook.

See what I mean about Amazon being lightning fast? I will be changing the cover as soon as they let me back into the files.

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  1. Great idea, Marva. Sounds like a wonderful collection.