Monday, June 03, 2013

Rattlesnakes and Jackrabbits - Tales of a Texas Boy

Tales of a Texas Boy
Rattlesnakes and Jackrabbits

Domestic livestock weren’t the only animals that the farmers and ranchers had to deal with. The wildlife of the region didn’t hide out in the bushes all the time. Sometimes they were pretty much in your face. Rattlesnakes came to the farms to catch the rats and mice that populated granaries. Rabbits also took a liking to the easy pickings. Both animals, rattlesnakes and jackrabbits, ended up being a nuisance that the local farmers and ranchers had to control.

TEXANS LIKE TO brag everything is bigger in Texas. That might be a little exaggeration, but with two things I think it’s pretty much the truth. In Texas, rattlesnakes and jackrabbits come in three sizes: big, bigger, and biggest. I’m also of a mind there are more of each of these critters per square mile than fleas on a stray dog.

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