Monday, June 10, 2013

Ma Yote and Her Cubs - Tales of a Texas Boy

Tales of a Texas Boy

Ma Yote and Her Cubs

Besides rattlesnakes and jackrabbits, the farmers and ranchers considered coyotes to be vermin. If the prairie wolves made the mistake of entering the world of people, they would be killed whether or not they’d actually done any harm.

I LIKED TO catch horny toads on occasion and keep them in a glass cannin’ jar, which Ma lets me do so long as I clean up good afterwards. I’d scoop up some sand and dirt into the jar and a couple of good sized rocks for them to sit on. I laid the jar sideways so’s they could stretch out to rest. I learned what kinds of bugs by feedin' 'em lots of different kinds. If they started to look peaked, I’d let ‘em go, elsewise I’d keep ‘em for a week or so. If you’re a city slicker, then I’ll tell you that a horny toad ain’t a toad at all. It’s a flat, fat lizard with a rough hide and a ruff of spikes ‘round its neck like a lace collar, which some ladies, but not Ma, wore to dress up.

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