Monday, June 24, 2013

Short Story as Promo

Perhaps you already know I have a series with three books collectively known as The Witches of Galdorheim. A fourth part of the series is not so well known since it has only been offered in PDF format from my publisher as a bonus if somebody bought Bad Spelling direct from MuseItUp. I also gave away a few copies of this freebie in various promotions.

I thought the short story would be a good promotional tool for drawing attention to the entire series. So I have uploaded Spellslinger to Amazon Kindle and signed it up for the KDP Select program. That means I can offer the story free for five days within the 90-day promotional period covered by KDP. It also could make a little money from the KDP program if it is borrowed from Amazon.

Since the story is short (only 3K words), I added the first chapters of the three books which make up the series. It feels a little more worth the 99 cent price tag with the extra material. The ebook is already available at Amazon.

I put together my upload file and included the information for MuseItUp as the rights holder for the series and my own copyright for the short. I also wanted a cover to coordinate with the Witches ebook covers. The color scheme and font is similar enough they don't jar.

Here's the cover for Spellslinger, followed by the ebook covers for the series. I think it looks pretty good for an amateur, but what do I know? Hm. Maybe it needs a little more green. Oh, well. It's just a short story which will most likely be a freebie.

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