Monday, January 16, 2006

Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is MLK's birthday. While I do believe he was a great man who did much for equality in the United States, I'm afraid that if he had not been assassinated, today would not be a holiday.

It disturbs me, but only a little, when holidays are added to the calendar which are meaningless to a large segment of the population. Yes, there are MLK celebrations going on in my city along with other cities across the US, but for me, it just means I don't get any mail.

That's okay. I am not against the day, but maybe it should be a floating holiday. That is, a holiday for those who truly want to remember and commemerate. For those who don't intend to celebrate, then why not just go to work?

As for Christmas? Well, that's just one of the days in a long holiday season, which includes just about everybody--from Hannukah to Saturnalia. Happy Holidays is, indeed, the correct greeting of the season.

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