Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Working for a Living

We all do something to earn our daily bread. I gave up the "daily" part in favor of some contract work and plenty of free time to try my hand at fiction.

Now, writing is not going to make me rich, not even well-off. As Brian Catherman points out in his Hopeless Writer blog (see index), we gotta do it even if we don't succeed.

I've been holding off the impulse for too many years. I've been writing, alright, but technical documentation. Go ahead, look me up in Amazon. There's my book, which you can buy for a mere $1.95 plus shipping (Using R:BASE by Marva Dasef).

I published a book. Does that make me a successful writer? Well, yes, is the short answer. Somebody (Que Books) thought I was good enough to spend some money actually printing copies of the book (before print-on-demand).

That ain't enough! I want to publish my stuff the way I want. Too much to ask? Maybe, but here's to trying!

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