Thursday, June 29, 2006

4th of July

Can we still celebrate the 4th of July with any enthusiasm? I'm one of those who chokes up at the Star Spangled Banner. I believe that the US Constitution is the most important document in our history--maybe even in the history of the world.

I think you know where this is going. I have come to believe that the current administration should be tried for not only high crimes and misdemeanors, but for treason. George Bush and his minions have attempted or succeeded in supervening nearly every amendment in the Bill of Rights, except for the Second. However, you happy NRA folk, don't get too complacent. An armed populace is not good for a tyrannical government.

Am I anti-war? No. I fully and completely supported George Senior's decision to go to war against Iraq. But, the current war on Iraq is not the war that was touted. It is not a war on terrorism. Instead, it has made terrorists out of people who might have remained peaceful. Maybe they're not even terrorists. I'm sure George III called the American colonists whatever was the 18th Century equivalent.

As you salute the flag, march in a parade, picnic, and watch fireworks on the upcoming 4th of July, think about what has been stolen from you over the last six years. If you don't see it, then there's no helping you. You're just a good German, only following orders. A pox on you for standing aside while a handful of right-wingers destroyed your country.

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  1. Too late, Marva. We've already been poxed. I say shame on those who put him in office twice; those blinkered fools who could look into his face and NOT see the Devil.