Saturday, July 01, 2006

Scam Warning

I've seen this on a few writers' sites and thought I should pass it along.

A company named SMS.AC is sending emails to writers to get them to sign up for their "service" of providing a communications area for posting stories and if your story is voted the best then you get paid for it.

What's not said is that this is a SCAM to bilk people in two ways. First, they ask for your cell phone number because they supposedly send stories out over cell phones. All you get on your cell phone is charges whenever they deliver "content" to your phone. This they charge to your cell phone at three bucks a pop.

Second, they ask you to upload your address books from yahoo, hotmail, etc. Then, they use your email list to SPAM and SCAM all your friends, too.

Here are some informative links that explain their deviltry in more detail:

Unleaded Online
Wikipedia Article

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  1. A friend of mine, three years ago, signed up for their text messaging via cellphone service and, unfortunately for me, gave them my email addy. Despite copious attempts at removing myself from their spam email list and SpamCopping every single email I got from them, it still took until six months ago for them to finally give up with me.

    Stay far, far away from them.


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