Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Just Out! Cadida and the Cave Demon

Hello, blogreaders! Today, I'm talking with Cadida and Bascoda from the chapbook "Cadida and the Djinn" (Sam's Dot Publishing) and the upcoming "Cadida and the Cave Demon."

Marva: Hi Cadida. Nice of you and Bascoda to drop in.

Cadida: Ciao.

Marva: Ciao? I thought you were from somewhere in the Middle East and most likely from some ancient time.

Cadida: Puhleeze. That's my character Cadida, not the real me.

Marva: Well, who are you, really?

Cadida: I'm an Italian actress playing the role of a girl who has a personal genie named Bascoda.

Marva: Speaking of whom...It's nice of you to come by today, Bascoda.

Bascoda: Happy to be here. I'd like to mention that I'll be in a major motion picture coming soon to theaters everywhere. I play Sergio Mobile, the brother of the new crime boss, "The Godmother."

Marva: Ah. I hadn't heard that.

Bascoda: This is the first announcement, right here on your blog.

Marva: Wow, thanks for the scoop, Bascoda. Say, you do look like a member of the Cosa Nostra now that you mention it.

Bascoda: Being a genie...

Marva: You're not an actor like Cadida?

Bascoda: Nope. I'm a certified genie, registered with Central Spell Casting.

Marva: Cadida? Are you kidding about being an actress?

Cadida: Of course not. I'm an accomplished method actor.

Marva: So, you're in the movie with Bascoda?

Cadida: Absolutement, mon cherie. I play a ruthless woman, Donna Mobile, who takes over the Coreleone syndicate. Frankie Coppola chose me for the role without an audition.

Marva: That's good to know, but maybe we should just stick to the characters you play in the Cadida tales.

Cadida: Of course. What would you like to know?

Marva: Yes, uh, how did you prepare for that role?

Cadida: I studied quite a bit of middle eastern mythology, then ignored any of the boring parts. Facts aren't big for me either.

Bascoda: I just followed the script. Some people like to wing it. I just like to do a good job with what I'm given.

Marva: Speaking of what you're given, despite your resemblance to Marlon Brando, your one and only picture in Cadida and the Djinn shows you with fangs and a snout. How long did it take you to get through make-up?

Bascoda: Now, listen, I told you I'm a certified genie. I didn't need makeup, just like I don't need makeup now to look like Marlon.

Marva: That's a very useful tool for an actor. How about you, Cadida? Any special effects needed for your role?

Cadida: No, I pretty much play it just as I am. After all, I'm a very attractive person and I don't need any enhancements.

Marva: No, I'd say that 7ARS drew you very well. Your cover shot is great!

Cadida: Thank you.

Marva: That's about all the space I have for today, so one last question. What's next for you two, other than the movie?

Bascoda: "Cadida and the Cave Demon" is scheduled for release soon.

Marva: Through Sam's Dot Publishing again?

Cadida: Of course, and available through the Genre Mall.

Marva: Can you give us a quick rundown of the plot?

Cadida: Certainly. Weeks after Cadida, escaped from the clutches of a band of raiders, she decides she'd better return to the cave, where she had been held prisoner, to see if the raiders had captured some other poor soul. She summons her Djinn, Bascoda, to guide her back to the cave. Cadida, Bascoda, and Sheik, her dog, return to the cave where she was held captive. They find someone in the cave, but not a prisoner as they expected. Cadida, Bascoda, and Sheik take on the raiders again to help a very lonely demon find a new home.

Marva: I'd just like to thank Cadida and Bascoda for dropping by.

Cadida: Thanks for having us.

Bascoda: It was my pleasure.


  1. Just thought you'd want to know that your first link is missing a few letters...

  2. Very funny, Marva! What an imaginative way to showcase your characters!

  3. I enjoyed reading this, Marva! Sounds like a wonderful and imaginative story. :-)

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Please come again!