Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Stuff with Me

I'll jump in here with an update on developments in my own writing (ahem) career.

"A Visit to Potter's Field," a light-hearted look at graveyards. Coming in the July issue of Lorelei Signal.

"The Delegate," a tale about future descrimination. The new target of racism: androids. Coming in the October issue of Lorelei Signal.

Now available:
Cadida and the Cave Demon: The further adventures of Cadida and her genie. What trouble will she get into now? You can purchase Cadida and the Djinn on the same page. Come on. Help out a starving writer.

My story, "Final Exam," was voted the favorite from the March issue of The Fifth Di... That means it will appear in Wondrous Web Worlds #8. I have a story in WWW #7, too. I'll post when that anthology becomes available.

Lessee. I've put slideshows of illustrations on my website on both the Tales of a Texas Boy and Cadida's Adventures pages.


  1. Marva, A Visit to Potter's Field sounds entertaining. When college age, a group if friends and I spent Halloweens in Sleepy Hollow Graveyard.

    Don't let Bill O'Lielly find put about those aliens. It will be all over Faux Noise.

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