Saturday, August 11, 2007


I dropped by Kimber An’s blog and joined in a discussion about the new Flash Gordon series on the Sci Fi channel. That set me off looking at connections between various science fiction movies and series and the actors who play in them.

It seems that many of these actors get around and stay within the genre. For example, the lovely, kick-ass Karen Cliche (pronounced Kleesh) showed up on Flash Gordon. I exclaimed to spouse: Spouse! That’s the same actress who played in that show we liked that got cancelled. What was it? Oh, yeah. Adventure, Inc. So, I looked up Karen on the IMDB movie database and found she had also showed up in a few other series I enjoyed. Namely, The Dresden Files and Mutant X. I recall seeing her in both. I like her. She seriously looks both stunningly gorgeous and like she’d kick your ass and take no names. She’s typecast, but does she care? She’s getting steady work in various TV series all having a science fiction theme.

That led me to think about Stargate. I’ve enjoyed that series a lot. When Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver, of course) moved on, then Ben Browder of Farscape came in to lead the intrepid SG-1 team.

Claudia Black of Farscape also joined in the fun on SG-1. Typecast? Again, I don’t think they care as long as they get work. Too bad they decided to end SG-1. Sigh. Why do they keep doing that to series I like. My hubby and I truly believe we’re the kiss-of-death to any series if we like it. We have a ritual now. We turn on the ol’ TV to watch one of those series we like and immediately start saying how much we hate it. We’re hoping the Perverse Imp is fooled and will not realize we actually like the show – a lot.

What are your favorite short-lived series? Go look it up on IMDB, search for the series name, and find the actors. Check the actors’ filmographies. Amazing, isn’t it? The shows you like keep hiring the actors you like. May they keep on with those series forever.


  1. I'm a big Sci-Fi fan, but as far as the series are concerned, I'm mostly a Star Trek fan, which can hardly be called short lived. I'm looking forward to the new movie due to be released at Christmas time.

  2. I used to love V when I was a kid. I have a feeling it would seem crap now.