Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Review: Taming of the Shrew

Today, I'm reviewing "The Taming of the Shrew" by Will Shakespeare.

Mr. Shakespeare has taken an old story and given it some twists to delight the audience standing in the pit. Loaded with double entendres and sly turns of phrase, the play whizzes by despite its three-hour running time. I commend the Bard of Avon on this comedy, except for an unfortunate sexist theme. Should Kate think of Petruchio as her Lord and Master? Not in this day and age, buddy. Oh, well, the ending did show Kate dragging Petruchio off to bed. I'd say that despite Kate's references to Petruchio as her Lord, the reality back then is much like today. The men think they're in charge of things, but maybe that's just what the women let them believe. I'd give Will Shakespeare four stars out of five. As for the actors who presented this bit of Shakespearean fluff, five out of five for a lively and fun performance at the Shakespearean Festival in Ashland, Oregon.

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  1. That Shakespeare sounds interesting. Think he might catch on? ;-)

    Seriously, I've made it to the festival a couple times, and I loved it.