Sunday, March 23, 2008

IAG Spotlight

The Independent Authors Guild is a group for authors who, for one reason or another, decided to publish their books through one of the assisted publishing companies. Okay, self-published. But that doesn't mean lack of quality. That's why the IAG was formed: to help these authors put out a quality product.

One of the members, Dianne Salerni, decided to create a spotlight page on her website focus on independent authors' books.

Click here for the Spotlight On... page. I've also included the link as a permanent fixture in the left-hand column. Check back each month for a different genre.

March is Westerns month. The offerings include books such as:

"Shalom on the Range" by Michael Katz. Now that title ought to pique your interest.
"To Truckee's Trail" by Celia Hayes
"Tales of a Texas Boy" by lil ol' me
"Beyond the Orphan Train" by Donna Nordmark Aviles
"The Confederate War Bonnet" by Jack Shakely

Maybe you're seeing the pattern here. These aren't your average Zane Grey type westerns, but are historical (accurate to the nth degree) novels that just happen to be set in the US West.


  1. Do you think there is a reason that publishers gravitate away from accuracy in favor of fluff?

  2. congrats on being featured there Marva!

    TC: imho, publishers give the public what publishers think the public wants, whatever they know will sell. good old capitalism. even artists aren't immune.