Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's Time To...

March 15th! Write it on your calendars. A Time To... Volume 2 will be out in all its radiant glory.

Read the blurbs about both Volume 1 and Volume 2 here.

That's okay, I'll copy some of it here, so you don't wear out your clickie finger (that's the index finger on your right hand if you aren't sure).

Oh, yeah. Two of my stories are in this volume. Woo hoo! Check it out to read "A Visit to Potter's Field" (you never know what you might dig up) and "The Delegate" (what will racism be in the future?)


A wonderful collection of well-written stories. I found them exciting, poignant and fun to read. Humor, drama and mythical mystery of powerful female characters. Thank you for the opportunity to view a fine collection put forth by your very gifted, thought-provoking writers. Your readers will not be disappointed. Paula Blois, editor of The Deepening, short story author and poet

While reading the first poem I knew A Time to....was a keeper. With it's innovative storylines and clever plot twists, the stories were a welcome escape after a frazzled day. It would hard to pick a favorite, but one of the stories that stayed with me long after reading was Tempting the Fates, by J.J. Fellows. Why? I guess you will have to read the story to find out. Barbara M Hodges


What is a woman? Is she shy or determined? Merciless or nurturing? Unyielding or pliant?

Whatever you may think of the "fairer" sex, within the pages of this anthology, you will find eighteen stories that will challenge the preconceptions you have. You will meet women blinded by enchantments, driven by vengeance, or replete and serene. You will meet women with centuries of experience, and ones with scant decades. You will meet witches and scientists, friends and rivals. But, despite their differences, the women in each tale have one thing in common: they are all females who find ways to master situations out of their control, who pursue their own paths, and create their own destinies. Join us as we briefly peer into the lives and decisions of these women.

"A Time To..." Volume 2 is the second volume of an Eppie-nominated anthology and showcases the very best of The Lorelei Signal for 2007. Come and delve into the pages...and let your imagination soar.

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