Friday, August 15, 2008


I mentioned before that I kindlized (kindled?) my book "Tales of a Texas Boy." It duly appeared on Amazon, complete with the cover art. Cool.

I tagged it on TitleZ, along with my print copies, books in which I am featured, and books by friends. I like to keep an eye on sales. By the way, if you do have a book up on Amazon, TitleZ is a handy way of viewing the ranking without going clear into Amazon to do so.Surprise! Somebody or other I know must have a Kindle and thought, "What the heck. It's only $3.16 discounted. Why not?"

Thank you anonymous buyer. Or if you're the culprit and I know you, tell me and I'll be nice to you for at least a month or so. Or, you could go back in and buy one of the three print versions also available. Yeah, I'm going to add the links now, so you may now leave this post if you want.

Tales of a Texas Boy - Kindle Edition $3.16

Tales of a Texas Boy - Trade Paperback $8.95

Tales Large Print Edition (8x10.5" trim size) $12.56

Tales Large Print Edition (7.4x9.7" trim size) $9.95

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  1. I am totally hooked on TitleZ! And congrats on turning your book into a Kindle version!