Saturday, August 30, 2008


I'd love to air my political views on my blog, but I've tried to preserve it for information on writing and publishing.

I was clicking through my friends' blogs to find an interesting post by one of them. It stated that her blog wasn't a place for political debate, so she was going to monitor comments to make sure they all fit with her concept of what can or cannot appear.

Hey, she has every right to do that. Free speech and all that, right?

Problem is five or six of her blog posts immediately before the one announcing the change to monitored comments all proselytize fairly heavily for a certain candidate for high office. I'm sure she got a few blog responses that might have disagreed with her very politically slanted posts.

So, what did she do? She refused to allow debate on the subject (fine), but only after she pushed her own political point of view. And, I might add, her views on said candidate have zero to do with her normal blogging subjects. Like mine, she focused mainly on writing and publishing, plus fun things about her family. Cool shoes.

It made me decide to keep this blog on the writing and publishing topics. If I posted things in the past that were too 'political', I apologize for that lapse in subject matter. However, at no time have I ever tried to silence anybody who wished to respond to my views. Yanno, that's just un-American.

Snit over and back to the regularly unscheduled programming.

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