Saturday, November 29, 2008


This has been a great sales month on Amazon for the Large Print edition of "Tales of a Texas Boy." I follow rankings on Amazon using TitleZ. It's an addictive tracking site. If you've got a book for sale on Amazon, you know about rankings.

This month I got my best ever ranking: 19,369. That's damned good! Tales also keeps hitting the Best Sellers list under Large Print Fiction. One sterling moment (fame is fleeting, you know), two different LP editions of Tales were on the LP bestsellers list at the same time. Whoa! That was a cool moment.

Just had to brag a moment or two. It's not like I sell thousands of books (shoot, 10s of books would be nice), but November has been very good to me. I hope December keeps up the good sales. Helps keep my nose above the holiday blues line.

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Even better: buy my books. I recommend the 7x10 LP edition for $9.95. Handy trim size and the print is REALLY BIG!

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  1. Very exciting, Marva! It's a great book, and you deserve success. Word will continue to spread, and Tales will be a great seller for years to come.