Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Seven Adventures of Cadida

Coming soon from Sam's Dot Publishing!

The Seven Adventures of Cadida

A series of seven tales about a girl and her recalcitrant djinn. This is for young 'uns. My reports are that six-year-olds love to have it read to them and 'get it'. Kids 10 and up can read it on their own. Adults enjoy the over-the-head references that the kids don't understand.

Meet Cadida, a poor little rich girl, captured for ransom by the mountain raiders, only to be selected as "mistress" to Bascoda the Djinn. It follows their adventures together as the meet flying horses, dragons, pirates, evil genies, cave demons, and lots of other mythical and real characters. Set in the pre-Islamic middle-east, the tales call on some of the creatures known to the mythology, and some real folks in a different setting. Cadida learns to handle her life without expecting some handsome sheik to rescue her. She kicks butt and takes names. Fun for all ages. Eat your heart out, Disney. My gal is tougher than yours.

Check my website page to preview the cover art and to read loglines for all the stories.

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  1. Now that's exciting! I can't wait to buy a copy.

    I saw a spot on Sam's Dot on another site today, but darned if I can remember which one. If I think of it, I'll stop back in and let you know.