Thursday, July 23, 2009

Book Review: The Sex Club by L.J. Sellers

Paperback: 347 pages
Publisher: Spellbinder Press; 1st edition (October 1, 2007) Language: English
ISBN-10: 0979518202
ISBN-13: 978-097951820

Next to fantasy/science fiction, I love a mystery. My usual choices in mystery are the women crime solvers, from Agatha Christie to Nora Roberts.

So, I might not have chosen this book off the bookstore or library shelf. Luckily for me, I met L.J. at a local book and art event and I got my copy straight from the author. She says, "People say they can't put it down." Well, I put it down, but only when I was too sleepy to track the words on the page. She's telling the truth when she calls it a page-turner.

Detective Jackson is a workaholic policeman on the homicide squad of a smallish town (Eugene, Oregon). But we don't start with him. We first meet Kera Kilmorgan, a counselor at the local Planned Parenthood. When a girl who visited PP is murdered, the two come together to find out what happened.

Kera is also threatened by "God's Messenger," a religious fanatic setting bombs in the local PP--Kera's place of work.

Sellers skips back and forth between Jackson and Kera, with stops along the way with some of the teen girls and their parents, some of whom are involved in both crimes.

Can't say anymore because a mystery's ending is sacred to those who trouble to read it.

In my estimation, anybody who enjoys a detective mystery is bound to enjoy this book. If you live in Oregon, especially Eugene (which I do), then the settings have their own fascination. I know exactly which streets L.J. describes. I know which places are real and which are imagination, but it's always a ton of fun figuring out the secondary mystery--where the heck is that!?

I look forward to the next Detective Jackson book due for release in September titled "Secrets to Die For."

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  1. Going to have to check this one out. Sounds like some good reading for when I get back from vacation. Thanks for the tip!