Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I Need to Blog More

According to the technorati, I need to blog a lot more than I do. I try to provide content in an off-hand way by directing you to the really cool blogs that I follow. So, take a look at those in the blog list over there under Scrumptious Blogs >>>>>>>>>>>>

There's tons of great information available. I don't have much of it right here, but I can show you where you can find it.

Like you, I'm learning. I read and read those great blogs and find some great stuff. I suppose I could just copy paste the great posts, but I'll be honest and let you discover them yourself. I'll just provide some links to goodness and feel good being a signpost.


  1. I need tp blog more too, and has added your blogsite at my google account so that I can catch with your updates.

  2. Did my wife yell at you also?