Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lesser Known Mythologies and Folklore 2

Returning to the Seven Adventures of Cadida:

Kazikli Bey

Most of you have heard of Vlad the Impaler, right? Count Dracul, the model for Dracula? Well, Kazikli Bey is the middle-eastern translation, something like "The Impaler Prince."

In the "Seven Adventures of Cadida," I thought that giving ol' Vlad a different face would be a nice twist. What if Vlad didn't really impale anybody? What if he was trying to gain peace between the rampaging warlords that messed up good ol' Romania? It's all in the PR. If he puts himself out as the baddest mother in the valley, wouldn't you think it a bad idea to cross him?

So, my gal Cadida tries to go off on a cruise ship and ends up in a slave market. Lucky for her, an ancient crone pretty much forces her to buy a pendant. It's Kismet! The Kazikli Bey happens to be in the market for slaves and, noticing that Cadida is wearing the locket stolen from his mother, he purchases her. He turns out to be a really nice guy. He's not thrilled he has to act the badass, but it's the only way he sees to bring his country together in peace.

The story is titled "Cadida and the Kazikli Bey - A Bottle of Djinn."

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  1. Great idea! I really love these stories. The kids do, too. Keep them coming!


  2. Sounds far less nefarious than the horror. I think it would make a great kids book.

    Off topic, I finally finished Tales. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Kudos!

  3. I have read every one of the Cadida adventures with the brilliant characters. Then I gave them to my kids to read. Hey, they enjoyed them, too. Maybe I never really grew up, but they were such fun, entertaining reads. The kids and I loved them.
    You did a great twist on the myth characters, Marva. I really think you should write a few more.

  4. Very clever twist on a myth. I like to draw on mythology too when I write. I wish you much luck with your stories!

  5. I can share the myth of how Maui formed the Hawaiian islands if you like?

  6. A virtual bow, Sensei. Thanks for dropping by. I sent you an email. ;)