Thursday, October 14, 2010

Discounts at Lulu

Lulu has finally allowed authors to set a discounted price if a reader purchases through the Lulu site. This really helps authors and readers. Win-win!

Tales of a Texas Boy - Large Print Edition Now $10.46 at Lulu

25% discount when you buy direct from Lulu at
Retail $13.95

Amazon is still the best price if you order over $25 to get free shipping. But for a one book purchase, Lulu is becoming more or less affordable. I'm happy to see that Lulu is finally letting authors discount their prices. It's good for the buyers and good for the authors.

Lots of people have bought this book paying $3.99 for shipping and handling when purchasing at Amazon.  If you bought through my Texas Boy Publications vendor on Amazon, I'm selling a same text and print size for $8.99. It's a smaller trimsize, but I promise all the words are the same. Personally, I like the 7.5x9.5 book size. It's easy to hold and the print is a nice 18pt Garamond.

Any way you want it, I've got it: through Amazon, Lulu, CreateSpace, or any of several ebook formats.

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