Friday, March 11, 2011

Identity Crisis

I bounce around the various websites, social media outlets, and other authors' blogs as much as I can. That's what you do to sell your books.

Romance writers go to the romance sites. Science fiction writers go to the SF sites. Paranormal writers flit about between fantasy and romance. There are most likely Yahoo groups and blogs dedicated to historical fiction (also flitting toward the romance), military (maybe with the scifi?), women's fiction (back to romance), LGBT (they're all over the place too), erotica (romance, etc.), YA, etc.

At least I don't have to cover every single one of those genres or I'd have to...

Uh, yeah, I do have to cover all those genres. The result is that I'm having to cover too much thereby making my attempts to be that flukey best-selling indie ebook writer, or at least sell a few books.

This is freaking wearing me out and yet I'm getting nowhere really fast and wasting huge amounts of time doing it. Write something new? Big fat chance of that. I'm on this freaking computer from first cup of coffee on until dinner prep time. What am I doing? Visiting blogs, groups, tweeting, facebooking, kindleboarding, etc. Oh, then I'm also supposed to write a brilliant blog post every day. Yeah, like that's going to happen.

I think I will drop out for awhile. Just to regroup, decide what I want to do when I grow up, and maybe not spend all freaking day with butt in chair.

MuseItUp Publishing (bless their dear little hearts) is releasing one of my books in July. I figure I can get back into the promo action again a month or so before that release. By the way, it's a murder mystery. F**K! Another genre to group, face, tweet, blog, board, blab. Why can't I leave well enough alone? Why did I have to add yet another genre to my burden.


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  1. I hear ya, Marva! Add a full time teaching job on top of it, and you have one exhausted writer. (Plus, all those networking sites are blocked on my work computer.)

    I had to give up a lot of stuff -- like some of the Tweet chats I used to attend regularly. I might pick them up again in the summer, but right now, I just can't do it all.